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Practice Questions

The following material is designed to help students entering the University to practise the sort of mathematics and statistics which some courses may expect students to be familiar with. Each link will open a test in a separate window.


Practice Test


Numbers and Computation

Arithmetic operations

Evaluating arithmetic operations, and the order of operations.

Units of measurement

A collection of questions on working with units of measurement, mainly in the SI/metric system.

Linear measure - distance and length

Some questions to do with measures of distance and length.


Calculations and graphs involving measurements of speed.

Weight and Mass

Work with measurements of weight, mass and density.


Questions involving the calculation of the volumes of shapes.


Questions to do with money.


Arithmetic operations involving fractions; converting between decimals and fractions; deciding if fractions are equivalent.

Rounding and estimating

Several questions on rounding number and using approximations to estimate. Several real-world examples.

Powers and indices

Questions on powers, the laws of indices, and exponential growth.


Questions on manipulating logarithms.

Numbers in standard form

Questions on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers in standard form.

Arithmetic sequences

Questions on arithmetic, or linear, sequences.

Geometric sequences

Questions on geometric sequences.


Algebraic Manipulation

Questions on rearranging expressions, expanding brackets and collecting like terms.

Divisibility and factors of integers

Find the lowest common multiple and highest common factors of given numbers. Also a question on identifying prime numbers.

Apply the factor and remainder theorems

Apply the factor and remainder theorems to manipulate polynomial expressions


Some questions on working with surds.

Quadratic expressions and equations

Questions involving various techniques for rearranging and solving quadratic expressions and equations

Find the equation of a line through two points

Find the equation of a line through two points


Data Collection

Questions on the subtleties and pitfalls of methods of data collection.

Presenting Data

Questions on presenting data in charts or tables.

Calculate measures of central tendency and spread

Calculate and work with measures of central tendency such as mean, median and mode, and measures of spread such as range and standard deviation.


Calculations involving elementary probability.


Area of Geometric Shapes

Apply formulas to calculate the areas of various shapes.

Plane Transformations

Identify the plane transformation performed to create a given diagram.

Applications of Mathematics

Consumer Mathematics

Some questions of relevance to consumers.

Whiteboard maths

More Support

You can get one-to-one support from Maths-Aid.