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Transition to University

Whether you’re coming straight from school, from time away from education, from another degree, another university or from another country, the transition to studying at Newcastle University can be a big jump.

Many people find that, even though their academic skills were up to scratch at previous levels of education, more advanced study means taking a new approach and stepping up. There's a lot of new expectations to meet, from how to manage your time independently, how to make the most of new teaching styles like seminars or labs, and how to develop your ability to think critically and originally.

Student support

The Library

The Library's staff can help you with everything to do with finding, managing and using information, including types of information which may be new or unfamiliar to you:

  • finding relevant information resources of all types, from books to blogs, artworks to archives, datasets to documentaries, and much more
  • understanding how to find and recognise high quality information sources
  • in-depth help about specialist resources for your subject area
  • advice on how reference your work correctly

Go to the Library page.

The Writing Development Centre

WDC member talking to a studentThe Writing Development Centre tutors can help you:

  • reflect on the differences between Higher education and your previous experience of study
  • interpret university assignments and marking criteria, and understand the expectations you need to meet
  • review your study skills and reflect on how to adapt and develop your approach at University
  • learn how to plan your time and manage your learning independently
  • make the most of new teaching formats such as lectures or seminars
  • understand feedback and how to use it to develop your academic skills to university level

Go to the Writing Development Centre page.


Maths-Aid tutors provide assistance and advice on all aspects of maths and statistics. Many courses at university may involve maths and statistics which is new or unfamiliar to you.

MathsAid tutors can help you with:

  • mastering mathematical methods
  • revising for exams with a quantitative element
  • understanding statistical tests
  • using SPSS
  • practising graduate numerical skills tests

Maths-Aid tutors can help all undergraduate (UG) and taught postgraduate (PGT) students who are not in the School of Maths and Statistics.

Go to the Maths-Aid page.

The Specialist Learning Team

Specialist Learning Team member talking to a studentThe Specialist Learning Team can support you if you have, or suspect you have, a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and students with AD(H)D or Autism Spectrum Disorders. They can look at your needs, help you adapt or develop your existing strategies in the context of university study, and outline available support, including one to one study skills support on areas such as:

  • essay writing technique
  • reading strategies
  • organisational skills and time management
  • revision planning and techniques
  • advice on exam adjustments

Go to the Specialist Learning page.


The Mental Health & Counselling team can offer support if you feel any of the changes from school to University are having a negative impact on your emotional or mental health. The team provide short-term therapeutic interventions to support your academic studies, whether one-to-one, online or in group sessions.

Go to the Mental Health and Counselling page.

The Chaplaincy

The University Chaplains can support you during the transition to University by providing:

  • a friendly, listening ear
  • mindfulness and meditation

Go to the Chaplaincy page.

INTO Newcastle University

INTO Newcastle University provide support for students whose first language is not English, including:

  • academic English listening and speaking support
  • academic English writing and reading support
  • one-to-one writing tutorials to discuss specific issues with your academic writing

Go to the In-Sessional English website.