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Welcome; the Farmer Participatory Trial (FPT) Database is a resource for researchers and growers participating in on-farm cereal trials as part of the ECOBRED project. The FPT trials will be based in Germany, UK, Greece, Austria, Slovakia, Solvenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, US and Italy. This database allows participants in any location to upload data, communicate with each other, receive trial updates and view trial results.

  • If you are involved in the project, you can use your log-in details to sign in and view your information, fill in data entry forms and view any relevant project results. Email us for log-in details, user SOP as well as to send us your trial news & pictures
  • If you are a visitor to the project page, you can view information about the database and participant farms using the navigation toolbar. Once results are published, any visitor will also be able to view publicly available result summaries through this site.

Latest news

More than 50 ECObreed farmers are testing wheat, bucwheat, soy and potato varieties

More than 50 farmers in all over Europe and USA are woking hard to grow various wheat, bucwheat, soy and potato genotypes!

We will keep you updated!!!

(Monday, 24.05.21)

Thornton Farm - 2020 Harvest

LC Smales & Son Ltd sent us photos and a video from the 2020 trial plots. It is fascinating to see the differences in them! Barranco & Wiwa seem to have the most yellow rust. Extase & Purino seem to be the most lush & healthy looking.

Trials; Extase & Purino; Cretits to LC Smales & Son Ltd

(Monday, 24.05.21)

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If you are involved in the project please email us for log-in details, user SOP as well as to send us your trial news & pictures